Keyboard Shortcuts

Apty Components are compliant with Voluntary Product Accessibility (VPA) including Revised 508 Standards related to the user interface requirements. Section 1194.21 (a) of the VPA Template states: "When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard, product functions shall be executable from a keyboard where the function itself or the result of performing a function can be discerned textually." Source:

All Apty Assist functions can also be fully used in a keyboard-only mode. 


What Are Keyboard Shortcuts?

PATH: Login to the Admin Console > Select the application > Go to Customization> Click on Keyboard Shortcuts

Apty has been providing Keyboard Shortcuts for end-users to have a seamless experience while performing operations on both the Widget (the Player) and toolsets (such as workflows, tooltips, validations, etc.) in the keyboard mode. 

All Shortcuts follow the combinations of "Modifier (Alt or Shift or Ctrl)+ [key of your choice from A-Z]"

Player Shortcuts

Default Player Shortcuts provided by Apty:

  • Toggle Player: Alt+H
  • Switch Header Tabs: Alt+M
  • Select Item: Alt+I
  • Open Settings: Alt+S

Toolset Shortcuts

Default Toolset Shortcuts provided by Apty:

  • Next Button: Alt+N
  • Previous Button: Alt+P
  • Custom Button: Alt+J
  • Success Workflow: Alt+D
  • Cancel Workflow: Alt+C
  • Select Validation: Alt+V
  • Select Tooltip: Alt+T
  • Select Launcher: Alt+U
  • Announcement Focus: Alt+A
  • Change Language: Alt+L
  • Cancel Item: ESCAPE
  • Play Item: ENTER


  • From version 4.11 onwards, you have an additional customization option to the existing Keyboard Shortcuts, more precisely to the Next Button. The keyboard Shortcut for the Next Button does not need to follow the above ("Modifier (Alt or Shift or Ctrl)+ [key of your choice from A-Z]") combination anymore. From now onwards admins can remap the keyboard shortcut for the Next Button with the "Enter" key, the Esc key, or the Tab key.  
  • From version 4.12 onwardsan additional customization option is added to the Previous Button also. With this button clients or partners can remap/create a shortcut to move to the previous step by defining the combination of Modifier (Alt or Shift or Ctrl)+[key of your choice from A-Z] as per their need. 

How to edit/remap Keyboard Shortcuts?

In this section we will learn to re-map the Keyboard Shortcut for the Next Button and change it from Alt+key to Ctrl+key.

To re-map the Keyboard Shortcuts,

1.  Click the re-map icon and then record the change.

2.  Enter your keyboard shortcut.

3.  Click Save.

Best practices to follow while customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Use a unique combination of a modifier(Alt or Shift or Ctrl) and a key (from A to Z). Duplicate combinations are not accepted and warned with an error message as shown below.
  • While changing the default keyboard shortcut, shortcuts must follow the combination of Modifier (Alt or Shift or Ctrl)+ [key of your choice from A-Z], except for the Next Button, Play Item, and Cancel Item. 
  • Next Button, Play Item, and Cancel Item accept both unique combinations as well as the Enter Key* ("Return") or the Esc or the Tab Key as a keyboard shortcut key. This is an update from the 4.11 release. 

*Any other key from A-Z cannot be used alone as a Shortcut.