Internationalization is part of the Apty 4.8 release. This feature aims to improve language support across all its platforms.  

Internationalization Meaning 

Internationalization is the process of making services, products, or internal operations as adaptable as possible to facilitate expansion into international markets. In general, a product, intended for users who speak different languages all around the world, undergoes the process of internationalization.

Why Internationalization?

Businesses that want to scale up, reach wider audiences, capture more customers, and go global, are aware of the challenges they need to overcome - in terms of service distribution and maintenance of viable business models. To achieve global expansion, a company has to offer more than merely a product or a service to its clients.

They must

  • fulfill the needs and demands of users across the globe in a convenient manner.
  • bridge the language gap and offer relatable content to users.

This is where internationalization comes into the picture. It aims to provide significant competitive leverage and credibility to your business.

Internationalization of Apty Products

To help partners expand globally, Apty makes its products available in three more languages other than English. Additionally, Apty has also established the framework to support other languages in the future. 

Now Apty supports the following languages.

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

How to select language?

You can select the preferred language in two ways – before login or after login.

1.Select a language before logging in


For both Apty Admin Console & Studio: Under the login button > Go to the language section > Open dropdown > Select preferred language

When logging into Apty Admin Console and Apty Studio, you get the option to choose your preferred language.  

2.Select a language after logging in

You can also select the language after logging into Apty Admin Console and Apty Studio.


For Apty Admin Console: At the left bottom corner of the screen > Click the User icon > Click on Account Settings > Click on Languages > Open Dropdown menu > Select preferred language
For Apty Studio: At the top left corner of the screen > Click on the menu icon > Click on Languages > Open Dropdown menu > Select preferred language

Once you change the default language displayed in Apty Admin and Apty Studio, application texts such as menu items, labels, buttons, etc. are displayed in the selected language.

Note: Feature flag must be enabled for this feature.