Install Apty Client using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrating Apty Client with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to display Apty content on your application.

Apty Client can be installed on the hosting application in one of the following ways:

In a scenario where users don't want to use either of the options, we can install the Apty Client from Microsoft Dynamics 365 that helps to display the Apty Client on your application.


In Chrome Store, each Tenant has a unique Chrome store extension for their Apty Client. Instead of adding multiple Tenant extensions for multiple Tenants to Chrome store, use a Microsoft instance like Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosted on Microsoft servers that enables you to add a single extension without any tenant specification. Once you add Apty Client to Microsoft Dynamics 365, it enables you to install the Apty Client extension from the AppSource and display it on your application.

Launching the Apty Client on your application using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a two-step process.

Step 1: Install Apty Client from Microsoft Dynamics 365

To install Apty Client from Microsoft Dynamics 365,

1. Log in to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account.

2. To access the AppSource, click the App Launcher.

Microsoft AppSource is an online store for apps that integrate into Microsoft 365,Dynamics 365, and Power Platform services. AppSource makes adding extensions to your application as easy as installing an app on your smartphone.

3. Click Add-Ins.

A screen will appear listing all the apps that are available to be downloaded for your application.

4. In the AppSource, locate or search for Apty Widget for Dynamics 365.

5. Click Get it now to begin the installation.

6. On the Confirm your details to continue pop-up, enter your personal details and then click Get it now.

7. Select or create your account to sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

8. Select an environment from the dropdown menu and then click all the terms and conditions checkbox.

9. Click Install.

Step 2: Integrate the Apty Client with your application in the Admin Console

Once the Apty Client is installed, navigate to your Admin Console and configure your application settings to integrate the Apty Client with your application.

Integrating the Apty Client with your application enables the Apty Client to be displayed on your application.

To integrate the Apty Client with your application,

1. In the left panel of your Admin Portal, click the application on which you want to display the Apty Client.

2. Click the settings gear icon.

3. In the General Settings page,


    b. Select the APPLICATION TYPE as Dynamics365 from the dropdown.

    c. Enter your ORGANIZATION ID.

  • Click the link to find your Organization ID.
  • For more information, contact your Apty Representative.

6. Click Save.