How does Apty Insights support you?

It's no secret that there is always a difference between how applications are designed to be used and how end-users actually interact with them. In a perfect world, this difference would be insignificant due to the straightforward nature of activities and well-thought-out UX design, but real world operations often involve complex correlated activities, a certain extent of background knowledge, and close attention to details, which is not always feasible for various reasons.


About Apty's Insight Components

Apty Insights Dashboard

Apty Insights Dashboard is used to represent/display data related to application usage, average activity per session, and error trends.

Overall, Insights Dashboard is a set of graphs showing the trends for the respective metric, namely New Users, Active Users, Average Activity session time, Activity by Segment, Error Trend, Top Activity Completion.

If Activities have been created for multiple User Segments, the Activities line graph displays the data for each of them and can be filtered by various time intervals for deeper analytics analysis.

Apty Activity Tracking

Is used for creating blueprints of how certain Activities are expected to be performed within the hosting application (for example, which steps should be taken to create a new project or report, ensuring completeness of the procedure and consistency of data provided).

Apty Goals

Apty's Goals feature is an advanced monitoring component available in Apty Admin Console. Goals are application-specific and based on the requirement, you can create as many Goals as you want for a hosted application.

How Apty's Insight Components are useful?

Apty Insights includes a suite of tools that analyze end-user behavior and help to answer common burning questions, such as:

Apty Insights can be enabled to track detailed usage data:

  • How many users are actively using the system?
  • How long does is take your employees to complete Actions?
  • Where do people generally make errors?
  • What are the bottlenecks of the hosting application based on its usage?

Activity Tracking helps to understand:

  • Track & Analyze how users interact with the applications and how efficiently they can complete the custom business processes.
  • Track the usage based on the actual use cases and not just logins.
  • Create blueprints on how users should be completing certain activities and track the actual usage against the recommended processes.
  • Capture the user activity by custom segments, roles, and regions.

Apty Goals is an advanced monitoring component that helps to:

  • Monitor, analyze, and predict the progress of your business process goals and track their Completion Rate.
  • Helps you increase the correctness rate of digital adoption processes by helping users comply with the rules.

Apty Insights is compatible with any web application and can be integrated with all known CRM or ERP systems without adding a single line of code. Apty's each Insights components exercises specific functions for seamless integration with the hosting application.