Hiding Apty Client on the Application

Apty Client can be hidden on pages with no applicable content. By default, when you enable a Client on a hosting application, it is displayed on all the pages of the website. In the scenario when no applicable content is available for certain application pages, the Client can be hidden.

PATH:  Admin Portal > on the left-side panel select the application > Manage Current Application

To define the pages where a Client should not be displayed:

1. Log in to the Admin Console.

2. On the left side-panel select the application to proceed working with.

3. On the application menu click the Gear icon to open the Manage Current Application page. The setup screen appears as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Following are the fields on the Manage Current Application page >General Settings tab:

5. At the bottom of the page find the Player Restriction Patterns field and click Manage. In the opened window provide URLs where Widget should not be displayed.

Draggable widget

End-users can now drag and adjust the widget placement on all sides of the screen including top, bottom and two sides  according to their need. It works in both injected mode as well as for extension.