Export Workflow as PDF / Video / SCORM / PowerPoint/Editable Format

When each step of a Workflow is created, the system makes a screenshot of the performed step and the element it is tied to in the hosting application. These screenshots are preserved in the system and can be exported as a PDF document, rendered as a video file, SCORM content or a PowerPoint presentation. All these files may server as an independent types of user manual, listing the steps required to complete a Workflow. 

To Export a PDF / Video / SCORM / PowerPoint of the Workflow:

PATH: Login in to Admin Console>On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with > Manage > Workflows > Click on three dots vertical icon of the workflow to be exported > Export as

   In the Export as...window select the format of your choice. The available options are:

  • PDF Document in Selected Language: PDFs are typically used to distribute read-only documents that preserve the layout of a page. Facility is brought in for internal reviewers and end users  to export the workflows in desired languages that are in PDF format where user can select the desired language from the drop down under the PDF icon.
  • Video (MP4): A video file of the .mp4 format.
  • SCORM: SCORM stands for "Shareable Content Object Reference Model" and represents a set of technical standards for eLearning software products. The essence of SCORM is an attempt to set standards for producing and launching cross-platform knowledge content that can be used on any LMS platform. In other words, a piece of instructional content created in Apty Assist should be easily exported, uploaded and opened in any other LMS system. 

    For more details refer to: Export SCORM Content

  • PowerPoint: Electronic presentation consisting of a series of slides, each slide representing a separate step of a Workflow.

After selecting the required format, click on Export button to export the Workflow

The exporting flow process is started. Once it is finished, the file of the respective format is be downloaded to your local machine.

To Export Content in Selected Language in an Editable Format

For the ease of reviewing translations, a feature has been brought in which allows our partners to download the translated contents in selected language in an editable format.

PATH: Login to Admin Console >On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with> Manage > Workflows > Select the workflow to be exported > Click on Export Translation button> Select Language > Continue


NOTE: To edit the contents in selected language inside Excel, the contents should be first translated to selected languages via Auto-translation.

Once the file is exported:

PDF / Video / PowerPoint

Your file is downloaded to your local machine and is ready to be used for instructional purposes. You can share it with your clients, employees, colleagues, etc.

Editable (Excel) Format

Upload the downloaded .zip package to your LMS platform. It is now available as an instructional presentation consisting of slides representing steps of the selected Workflow.

File will be downloaded in an excel format in the selected language, where user can edit the contents as needed.