Delete Event/Activity

Clients or partners are provided with options to delete a single Event or entire Activity, if event or activity is not required. To see the list of created Activities, log into the Apty Studio and select the application you want to work with. The Apty menu opens. Click on the Activity Tracking Icon, the list of the Activities created for this application opens.

To Delete an Event:

Step 1: Click on Edit Events

In the selected activity, click on Edit Event to find all the available events.


Step 2: Select Delete

Click on ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) against the respective event and from the dropdown click on Delete option.

To Delete Activity:

Step 1: Select Activity

Click the name of the Activity you attempt to delete. In the given example, we attempt to delete the Longer activity.

Step 2: Select Delete

The Activity settings screen opens. At the top right corner of the screen click the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to access the Delete option. Click Delete to proceed.

Confirm your action in the Warning Massage modal by clicking Delete.