Best practices To Setup Clarity PPM Experience

The aim of Clarity PPM is to empower your company’s team by helping to administer the whole life cycle of a project: from the idea to its completion and closing; from the innovation to the most informed strategic investments. The hurdle that all Clarity PPM admins and Managers need to overcome is training. It is the most important aspect of adopting a new platform and Clarity PPM new version is no exception. 

In this document, we have listed six best practices for clarity PPM that would help your company to smoothly transition from implementation to its adoption. 

Examine the usage of each user role in Clarity PPM

Analyze how users interact with the application and how efficiently they can complete the custom business processes. The change in efficiency and productivity would vary across the departments of your organization. With a proper assessment you can identify the potential modules of impact and take measures to streamline the process across your organization. 

Example of Modules., Ideas management, Project management, Timesheet management  

Walk your users through the Clarity PPM modules

Make it easy for the users to get adopted on various modules on Clarity like Timesheet management, Demand management, Project Management. Provide step by step instructions to accomplish business processes efficiently with in no time. 

Keep your data clean

The biggest troublemaker in any system is dirty data. This includes duplicate entries, inaccurate information, and incomplete records that make your reporting inaccurate. Make it a priority to keep that info of Project, Timesheets, Ideas squeaky clean to save yourself time later on. 

Use Automation wherever you can

Avoid the misery of manually entering data into the system by identifying the tasks that needs to be done on a regular basis (daily/weekly) like Timesheets reporting, Entering Idea information, Tasks information.  

Promote new features/changes  

Other than providing the Email notifications or website alerts that might be missed to be seen by the users, prefer to notify users about new releases, company updates and other news within Clarity PPM once they log in. 

Prepare a stage by stage rollout strategy

It would be better to release the Training content along with Clarity PPM updates in stages. This helps to achieve smoother and faster adoption with the newly added modules.