Best Practices for WorkDay

Best Practices for building a Workflow

Always start from the Search Bar

Start the flow from search bar as the applications view on the home page is fully configurable.

Make sure Scroll to is On

When the user is on a page like below, always use scroll to if selecting an element in the bottom of the scroll.

Entry Points

In Workday application, the content builder tends to go wrong while choosing the anchor points as the pages in few URLs are similar like below:

Follow the best practices below to avoid problems arising due to entry points match.

  • Add more than three(3) anchor points that are unique on the page. Sometimes the combination of elements(anchors) also make the page unique.
  • After the anchors are added to the entry points, make sure to validate if the points selected remain unique all the time.
  • Make sure to select the heading as an anchor.

Tips on Advance On Options

Advance On - Next

  • For any drop down fields like below in workday, do not use 'Change in element' or 'Input in element' as the advance on options which are generally used for drop downs. This is because the drop down fields in Workday are not actually 'select' elements and above mentioned advance on options do not work for them.
  • Always use advance on option as 'Next' while working with fields like above.

Other Tips

Element selection for pointing balloon

  • When selecting drop down fields to point balloons, make sure to use 'Expand selection' so as to select a stable element all the time.

  • For selecting a drop down element so as to place a balloon/validation/launcher/tooltip, always remove the data inside the field and then select the field.

  • To point balloon to the Date fields, always use the positions on the left. We do this to avoid the overlapping of the Date picker.
  • Use Ctrl+E shortcut to point balloons to the fields or elements which are hidden behind the Editor.

Keep it to Fifteen (15) steps or less

We have seen the workflows with more than 15 steps with a significant drop off in the Completion rate.
Identify the end goal of the workflow and focus on getting users there in the simplest way possible. Look for opportunities to use fewer balloons.

Keep Balloon Text Short and Simple

Content in balloons should be direct and actionable. Include Rich text in the content. Avoid overloading the user with information. If you need to convey a lot of information at once, use tooltips to provide In-place help or link users to a document that provides more details.