Best Practices for Creating a Launcher

1. Give Launchers Clear and Concise Titles in the Editor

It’s important to make sure everything you create has a clear, identifiable name, especially Launchers! There may be several similar Launchers in the letzNav Editor so it's important they are easily identifiable to reduce confusion and make collaboration easier.

2. Customize Launcher Text to Clearly Identify Action

Remember, the goal is to seamlessly guide your users through a process to ensure they are making the most use of your application. 

It's Important to make sure to provide clear information in the description box rather than a generic message on the action the user needs to be performed in order to take any kind of help from Launchers. Remember, Launchers can be customized using Rich text!

3. Give Unique Names to the Frames 

Provide unique names while creating the frames - avoid duplication as this will create confusion when it's time to publish the Frame. 

4. Launcher Icon Positioning

Place the icon in a way that it won't coincide with other elements on the screen.