Apty Education

Apty is dedicated to ensuring our customers gain self-sufficiency in creating, maintaining, and administering Apty content with confidence. To facilitate this, we offer instructor-led training courses designed to empower users in utilizing Apty effectively. Our Customer Success Managers are available to assist you in scheduling these education sessions with our experienced instructors, accommodating your preferred timings for convenience.


Presently, we provide two distinct courses: Apty Admin and Foundation. Below table provides a quick reference guide for individuals based on their roles, indicating the suitability of either the Apty Admin or Foundation course. It helps users identify which course aligns with their responsibilities and learning objectives, ensuring a tailored and relevant training experience.

Role  Apty Admin Course Apty Foundation Course
System Administrator Learn to add users, manage applications, and analytics Master Apty Studio for effective content creation
Application Manager Gain skills in content management and theme customization Create engaging content with Apty Studio
Business Analyst Utilize analytics insights for data-driven decisions Develop content strategies for applications
IT Professional Administer Apty platform efficiently Enhance application functionality with content
Content Creator Manage and customize content on the Apty platform Deepen understanding of Apty Studio features