Apty Components and their Functions

Apty supports a suite of tools that improve user experience on any web-based application. This article provides an overview of the three main components of Apty: Apty Studio, Apty Admin, and Apty Client (Widget).

Each component performs specific functions to integrate with the hosting application so that you can seamlessly create content and help users to complete their tasks on your application.


Apty Studio

Apty Studio is a browser plug-in that helps you create instructional content like Workflows, Tooltips, Validations, Launchers, Activity Tracking, and Announcements on your web-based application. Apty Studio helps you to interact with the elements on your web page and guide users to complete specific tasks in your application by creating contextual information without the need for any deep technical knowledge.

Apty Studio

Apty Admin

Apty Admin, also known as the Admin Portal, is a central hub for storing and managing Apty content for web applications, creating and managing user profiles, segmenting content for different user groups, determining analytics to improve application usage and efficiency, and configuring global settings for international teams.

Admin Console dashboard

The Admin Console is a cloud-based tool hosted on the AWS platform and is compliant with the latest security policies.

Key Functions

  • Add and manage hosting applications.
  • Publish, configure, and customize the content created on your web application using Apty Studio.
  • Create and manage user profiles.
  • Analyze the application usage and efficiency to help building effective strategies of system resources distribution.

To learn how to access the Admin Console, see Log in to the Admin Portal.

Apty Widget

Apty Widget is an in-app collection of guided Workflows and knowledge center content(texts, links, images, and videos) that help users complete tasks in your application. You can segment and display the content based on LabelsFrequently Used items, and Favorites, so users can access relevant information in the right place at the right time. The content available in the Widget can change depending on the page you access the Widget from.

In the Checklist tab of Apty Widget, you can add a list of to-do tasks to assist users in starting their onboarding process and finishing their current tasks by letting them track their progress.

Apty Widget-2