Advanced Customization of Events

In this article, we will learn about the advanced customizations you can make to an event while creating or editing Activity Tracking.

To customize an existing event:

1.  Login to the Apty Studio after loading it on your web browser.

2.  Click Select Application.

3.  Select your application to launch it in your browser.


  • Ensure that you have added your applications to the Admin Portal before creating any content on it. 
  • SFL is a default keyword created during the process of adding Salesforce to the Admin Portal.

4.  Once the application opens, select Activity Tracking on your Apty Studio.

5.  Select the Activity whose event you want to customize.

6.  Click Edit Events.

7.  Click the vertical ellipsis and then select the required option from the given list.

Action Description
Optional Start Step The Optional Start Step allows you to define when and which Activity is considered to have begun. For example, the New event is declared as the Optional Start Step to ensure that the Activity Tracking for creating a new Lead in Salesforce only begins when the New event is triggered.

If an event is marked as mandatory and if user moves without using this event, it will be recorded as Incomplete Activity in the Insights.

Exit Point If an event is marked as the Exit Point, your Activity Tracking will end at the selected event.
Cancel Event

To track how frequently an Activity has been cancelled, declare an event as the Cancel Event for that Activity.

Once you select an event as the Cancel Event, the Optional Start StepMandatory, and Exit Point options are disabled for that event.
Event Action

With Event Action feature clients or partners can define the type of action needed over the selected event. By default, Apty provides three options such as ClickChange, and Hover.

For instance, if the event action is selected as Click then the activity will be recorded if the user clicks over the selected event.


The Re-Select option allows you to replace the existing event on your application with a new one using either the on screen Element selection, CSSXPath, or Custom Script. For more information, see Advanced Element Selectors.

Delete Deletes the event.

8.  Click Continue and then click Save on the Apty Studio.

Ensure to publish the Activity Tracking every time you update it for the changes to reflect on your application.