Adjusting Content Position Within an Element

The ability to finely adjust the position of balloon within an interface can greatly enhance the user experience. Hence this feature gives designers and developers the ability to finely adjust where balloons show up on the screen, with the help of Numeric value slider. Larger elements stand to benefit significantly from this capability.

To make use of this feature:

  1. Open Apty Studio.
  2. Navigate to the Tooltip section.
  3. Click on the plus icon to create a new tooltip.
  4. Select the target element.   


  5. If your balloon is positioned too close or too far from the element, utilize the numeric value slider to drag or enter a specific numeric value. This will precisely position the balloon at the desired location.


This feature is applicable to all content elements where a balloon is employed.



To make the most of this feature, consider the following tips:

  • Experiment with different numeric values to find the optimal position.
  • Take into account the overall visual harmony of your interface when making adjustments.
  • Test the responsiveness of the positioned balloon across various devices and screen sizes.